ExamSoft Signup & Examplify® Registration Instructions

Signing Up with ExamSoft & Installing Examplify

  1. Visit your Custom Home Page: http://www.examsoft.com
  2. Click the “New User Signup” button
  3. Read the Minimum System Requirements to ensure you can install Examplify on your laptop.
  4. Complete the ExamSoft Signup Page
  5. Download Examplify

Examplify Registration

  • After installation you will be prompted to register Examplify. Please do so using your Student ID and password
    1. Note: Windows users will be prompted to reboot the computer after installation but before registration, please do so.
  • On the “Complete Registration” window, enter your and password then click “Register”
  • You will be notified that registration is complete

Upon Registration Completion

You should receive a message window, and later an email message, confirming registration. By double-clicking the “Examplify” icon, you can take a Practice Exam or a real exam .  To take a Practice exam, click the “Practice Exam” button.


  1. There is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) in the Exam Takers section of the website.
  2. To contact technical support, email support@examsoft.com.