SofTest Tips

Preferences- Prior to launching an exam, through the " Preferences" screen in the SofTest Start Window, you can set a timer to display a visible alert once your exam begins.  This window can be " snoozed" .

Alarm - While in an exam, you can set a reminder alarm to appear at a specific time during your exam by accessing the " Tools" ..." Reminder alarm" menu.  This window can be " snoozed" .

Resize Window - To enlarge or shrink the window in which you view the question or the answer, drag the horizontal bar that appears between the question and answer areas of your screen up or down to suit your needs.

Hide Exam - To block your SofTest window during an exam (i.e. during a restroom break), select View then 'Hide Exam'.

Restore Settings - Use the " Restore Settings" option on the View menu if you have rearranged the main window and cannot get it back to the starting configuration.

Character Limit - Some essay questions may have a character limit. You can see the character count of any essay answer in the status bar at the bottom of the SofTest window.  If a limit is imposed, it will be displayed in the lower left corner next to the question number.

Word Count - SofTest provides a word count for essay answers under Tools...Word Count.  It includes: (1) Number of words in the current question, (2) Number of words totaled for all questions (3) If text is selected in the current question, SofTest provides a word count for the selection and (4) Character count without spaces and hard-returns.

Special characters - Special characters, such as § ¢ £ ¤ ¥ (c), are available through the Insert...Symbol menu. If you don't see any special characters in this line, then your computer may not have any appropriate fonts on it. Fonts exist on your computer as part of Windows, and are not part of SofTest.

Spell Check - Certain features such as Spell Check, ability to print and whether SofTest locks your computer during the exam (i.e. secure mode), are controlled by the Test Sponsor (institution/school administering the exam).

Cut, Copy & Paste – Cut, Copy and Paste for essay questions are controlled by the Test Sponsor (institution/school administering the exam). If enabled, as a safeguard against accidental deletions ExamSoft suggests using Copy & Paste rather than Cut & Paste.


Undo - SofTest can undo up to the last 50 actions in each essay response question.

Exam Backup - SofTest maintains several encrypted copies of your exam on your hard drive.  If your computer crashes during an exam, you can restart it and SofTest will automatically select the most current version of your exam from your hard disk.

Auto Save - SofTest saves your work automatically every 60 seconds.

Multiple Choice Questions - For multiple choice questions, the total number of choices appears in the status bar at the bottom of the main window. If all choices aren't visible because of your display and window configuration, use the scroll bar that appears on the left side of the screen.

Notices - You can view the Notices that appeared prior to entering your exam by selecting " Exam Notices" under the " Help" menu.

Question Navigation

Set Your Computer Clock – Make certain your computers system clock is accurate (date and time). To check/set the system clock double click the clock in the lower-right hand corner of the computer.  When the ‘Date/Time Properties’ window appears, check/set the date and time and adjust if necessary.

Power Management - During extended periods of non–use some computers may go into sleep or hibernate mode which can sometimes be difficult to exit during an exam.  To adjust your Power Management settings navigate to the Control Panel (Start/Settings/Control Panel Windows 2000 – Start Control Panel Widows XP) and select ‘Power Options’.  Change the settings as listed below.

You may reset to the desired settings after your exam.